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The following examples show the result of high quality equipment, advanced design, strict quality control and comprehensive service. VCE wants to take this opportunity to thank those who believe and demand in quality.
  List of Projects:
  HEC Headquater
The Government Office of Diplomatic Departmant, P.R.C (Beijing, China) CLP Power Station
To Heung Restaurant Group
New Star Restaurant Group
  Viking Restaurant Group
  Federal Restaurant Group

  Hon Po Group (Lobster King) Limited
  Hsin Kuang Restaurant
  Tack Hsin Group
  Treasure Lake Restaurant Group
(Not in sequence)
(Sorry for the incomplete list due to the large number of projects)
Xinqiao Hotel (Beijing, China)
Fu Wah Hotel (Bei Hai Road, Wei Feng, Shandong, China)    
Hotel Kingsway (Macau SAR, China)    
  Century Plaza (Qidu) Hotel (Zibo, Shandong, China)

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